The Commercial Property Academy

Unlock the Secrets to Getting Your First Deal Done & Rapidly Growing a Commercial Property Portfolio

Introducing the Commercial Property Academy - your ultimate guide to successful commercial property investing. Priced at just £1995 + VAT, our comprehensive program offers a wealth of benefits to help you navigate the commercial property market and make profitable investment decisions I've spent over twenty five years becoming a leading commercial property expert, not just for myself but for some of the largest commercial property owners in the UK. 
I want to help others become experts in their own right and this is why I created the Commercial Property Academy..
I've spent years testing and perfecting my investment frameworks and strategies and now I want to share them with you.

Is the Commercial Property Academy right for you?

Are you looking to start or expand your commercial property investment portfolio? Do you want to learn the latest strategies and techniques for finding and closing profitable deals? If so, then The Commercial Property Academy is the perfect fit for you. 

Our comprehensive education and training program is designed to provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to succeed in the world of commercial property investing.

You'll learn everything from understanding the market and niching your strategy, to finding the right properties and negotiating and closing deals. Our program is tailored to meet the needs of both beginners and experienced investors.

If you're ready to take your commercial property investment career to the next level, then enrol in The Commercial Property Academy today.
“I would highly recommend the Commerical Property Academy if you are thinking about investing in commercial property. The course is well structured, easy to follow and allows you to go through modules at your own speed.Suzi, as a Chartered Surveyor, brings years of experience and in depth knowledge to the group. The weekly sessions are a great place to get your questions answered and lear from those around you. 
 Suzi has created a supportive community, where everyone is happy to share their learnings to help others succeed.”

Rachael Giordani 

BA (Hons) MSc PGDip (Oxon) MRICS

I am a Chartered Surveyor and have worked in the real estate industry for over twenty five years. I have worked for more than ten years’ at Director level with some of the industry’s giants, including LandSec plc, Kingfisher Group and CBRE. Most of my professional career has involved acquiring, developing or asset managing commercial property and I have been responsible for managing commercial property portfolios worth over £2.5 billion!
"I've always been fascinated with property; the art of the deal, seeking out the best investments, how to increase the asset value and when to walk away. There are major differences between residential and commercial property deals and I've spent 25 years immersing myself in this sector, so that I can navigate you on your journey to getting your first deal done".

- Suzi Carter

However, I don't just do this for others. As Managing Director of Strongoak Investments, I lead the team in sourcing investments, structuring deals and the ongoing management of property assets

  • My Mission: To help others get started in investing in commercial property, avoiding the costly and time consuming mistakes made by so many first time and even more experienced investors
  • ​Condensing Time: Working with me means you'll be able to condense time and reduce what could take months or even years to learn, test and implement into a series of easy to follow steps that can be actioned today. Why wait for the result?
  • Frameworks:  Having spent over twenty five years in the industry and A LOT of my own money, I have taken what I've learned and developed market leading frameworks, systems and strategies that I now want to share with aspiring and established commercial property investors.

Here's What Members of 'The Board' Are Saying about
The Commercial Property Academy

The Board is our small group mentoring programme, designed for investors who want a greater level of accountability, but can demonstrate a solid foundation and understanding of commercial property investing. ALL members of The Board go through the Commercial Property Academy online content before they join. This is what they have to say about the course, and why you should seriously consider enrolling today.

Let's take a look at what's included;

When You Sign Up

Here's what you'll get with the Commercial Property Academy:

1. Lifetime access to weekly Q&A and group coaching calls, where you can get your questions answered by experienced professionals in the field.

2. Lifetime access to our online course content, including 6 comprehensive modules covering everything from understanding valuation to building your team and sourcing property.

3. Bonus Module: SASS Training Session to learn about this popular investment structure.

4. Expert Bonus Area: Exclusive access to expert contributors, including conversations on VAT, Auctions, Financing, Capital Allowances, Supported Living, Class MA and PD Rights, etc.

5. Templates: A variety of shared documents and resources for download to help you streamline your investment process.

6. Preferential offers on future live events and coaching, so you can continue to learn and grow as an investor.

7. Access to a peer to peer network and community of fellow investors, where you can share ideas, strategies, and best practices.
Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to take your commercial property investing to the next level. Sign up for the Commercial Property Academy today and start reaping the rewards of a successful investment career!
ZERO UPSELL PROMISE*. When you sign up to the Commercial Property Academy, you will have access to everything you need to become a successful commercial property investor. There are no upsells, bolt-ons or catches. Just pay £1995 + VAT and you're in.

Total Offer Value: Over £5500!!

→ YOU PAY JUST £1995 + VAT ←

What You'll Learn On The

Commercial Property Academy

Get your property deals set up correctly and learn how to make sure you have success WITHOUT having to undertake loads of poor deals, loose time and learn the hard way. Here's a sneak peak at what you'll discover inside The Commercial Property Academy


You wouldn’t pursue a investment strategy unless you were aware of the benefits of doings so, and also some potential downsides. In this module Suzi presents a balanced view on the benefits of investing in commercial property, and in this module Suzi talks about any there are loads of great reasons to choose commercial property investing but also why this strategy may not suit you. 

You should come out of the other side of this strategy being clear about your reason ‘Why’ and the reasons why you are choosing to get educated in commercial property.


In this module Suzi does a deep dive in to the commercial property market, explaining how and why it works the way it does.

Suzi looks at each of the main markets individually and how they operate, plus examines the current market and where the opportunities are within it.

This is a along module as Suzi goes in to a lot of detail on the market to set you up for success!Don't miss Suzi’s social media updates as well to get an up to date view on the market!


  • Understand the basics of valuation.
  • ​​Understand the factors that affect valuation.
  • ​Understand how you can change the way the property is valued & ultimately make money.
  • ​Understand the principles of how you can add value through valuation so we can build on this is in later modules.


We really get down into the trenches in this module! We explore the different strategies you can employ to make money from commercial property and how you can start today to employ these. 

If you just think investing in commercial property is the same as residential - then it’s time to think again!


What strategy is right for YOU, and how to you execute on it? How do you build your team and find the property you want? Get some insider secrets on how to move past your competition to accelerate your strategy!

We then move to how you can get finance on commercial property and how to work with investors. We finish by looking at deal stacking - how do you know if you have got a good deal or not?


Yaaaawn, right? Wrong! This type of knowledge is how you can stay several steps ahead of the competition. It can help you understand properties you may buy that have leases in place and how you can work with your solicitors to get new leases in place that will add value to your property. 

Bonus modules: How to use pensions to invest in commercial propertyIn these modules Suzi interviews an expert in this field who explained how you can use your SASS (or SIPP) or work with other people to use theirs in order to invest in commercial property.

What Would Happen To Your Business If You Only Focussed Your Energy On The Right Deals And Stopped Wasting Your Time And Money On The Wrong Ones?

You Pay For Results, So Here's…

My Promise To You

When you choose to invest in The Commercial Property Academy you can do so with the confidence that at the end of the programme you will know 'How To Do Your First Commercial Property Deal'. That is my promise to you. 

 But I'd like to go beyond that because it's also my guarantee.

 *If after completing the first two modules of The Commercial Property Academy online coaching programme you don't feel completely confident that Commercial Property is for you, then I'll refund your investment, providing you haven't watched module three. 100% refund, no questions asked!

Sound Familiar?

Fed Up Chasing The Wrong Deals?

Have you ever spent months or even years trying to close a property deal only to realise that the market has changed, you've over committed financially, or new legislation has come into effect and all of a sudden that deal isn't as attractive as it once was? 
What if there was a better way?

 Commercial property investment doesn't need to be hugely complicated, in fact when compared to the residential market it can often be far simpler.

 In my online coaching programme I teach frameworks that will help you to avoid the pitfalls that most first time commercial property investors experience and condense the time it takes you to get your first deal done. I'll support you through sourcing the 'right' properties, raising funds and ensuring that your assets are cash generating from day one.

Leading the way in Commercial Property Training & Coaching Programmes

Suzi Carter has managed multi-billion pound commercial property portfolios.There's nothing she hasn't done in this industry...

When can you expect to see results?

Instant Access To The Members Area

Once you sign up to The Commercial Property Academy you'll get access to the members area, where you can start working through the modules. You can start learning and taking action today.

Instant Access To The Members Area

Once you sign up to The Commercial Property Academy you'll get access to the members area, where you can start working through the modules. You can start learning and taking action today.

Take Massive Action

Once you have watched a module, you are encouraged to start implementing what you've learned. Your Commercial Property journey can run alongside your learning, meaning you don't have to complete the whole course before you can start your property search.

Join The Community

Once you've signed up to The Commercial Property Academy you'll be invited to join our closed Facebook community where Suzi will host regular Q&A sessions, exclusively for members. You can get access to the next session as soon as you're signed up.

What Some Of Our Existing Commercial Property Academy Members Say


Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this Course for?

It’s for anyone who wants to invest in commercial property – whether you are brand new to investing or an existing investor who wants to learn new strategies and get a different perspective on their investing.

How Long Will It Take to Complete?

You will get instant access to all of the modules. There are a couple of modules that have been broken down further due to the amount of incredible content in them – so these will take a little longer to complete. We estimate it will take circa 8-10 weeks for you to complete the course and implement what you learn. We believe that it’s important to learn and digest the content, rather than overwhelm you, but by releasing all the content at once, you have the flexibility to work at your own pace.

How Long Will I Have Access to the Site For?

We are currently offering life-time access to the online programme and you will benefit from the additional bonus content that we upload from both Suzi and guest speakers and experts. As part of the offer for signing up to the Commercial Property Academy, you will also get lifetime access to Suzi's weekly group Q&A and coaching calls, hosted each Friday. Don't worry if you can't make them all, they are recorded and shared in the closed group. At the end of the 6 months, should you wish to continue accessing the calls, you can do so for an ongoing monthly subscription.

How Quickly Can I Get Access to the Course, once I have Paid?

You will receive a confirmation email within 5 minutes of signing up to the coaching programme. Included within the email will be a link to the members area, where you can create your account and access module one. Important Note: Please use the same email to create your account that you used to make the purchase so that our system can identify you correctly.

I’m from outside the UK – Will This Course Still be Relevant for Me?

No – this is a UK based course and is particularly relevant for England. Whilst similar principles apply to Scotland, Wales and N Ireland there are several differences in the legal framework, in particular. If you wish to invest in one of those countries, please give us a shout and we can help you pinpoint the differences and judge whether the course is for you. 

Will This Course Major on Commercial to Residential Conversions & Permitted Development (PD) Rights

This course does discuss commercial to residential conversions / PD as one strategy to pursue, but it does not major on this. It is a course that looks at all strategies to make money from commercial property. If you want a course that solely looks at commercial to residential there are other courses out there that we can recommend, so please do get in touch.

What is the Format of the Online Course? 

There are 6 modules, all of which are powerpoint based, with Suzi teaching over them. It’s done in a chatty, informative style, as you would find in the classroom. With over 25 years of experience Suzi is able to draw from a wide range of projects and industry insight, as well as share anecdotes to help you give context to the course content.

How are you Qualified to Teach Commercial Property Investing? 

Suzi is a chartered surveyor with over 25 years’ experience. She has worked for some of the UK’s largest property companies, including CBRE, B&Q plc and Land Sec plc, where she was a Director managing a shopping centre portfolio of over £2.5bn. Suzi now operates her own investing business, Strongoak Investments Ltd, and is investing in both residential and commercial property. Suzi also does consultancy for clients, and is currently managing a £250m GDV mixed use development scheme for a client. Suzi is passionate about simplifying commercial property investing and helping people invest in this arena.   

Will I get any further help once the course is finished? 

Suzi is looking at options for this and it will be announced shortly, although it is expected that any private coaching clients will have at least completed the online coaching programme, which covers many of the fundamentals before ascending into one to one or advanced group coaching. 
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